Toilet magic!

October 14, 2015 by Martha’s Dad

loo-3558525From the cute labradors of the Andrex TV ads to Twiggy’s early appearances in M&S commercials, we are used to the concept of Pavlovina learning being cunning deployed by advertisers to condition emotional responses to a brand.  It’s a technique almost as old as psychology itself, certainly dating back to John Watson’s (in-)famous “Little Albert” study and his subsequent post-academic career with J. Walter Thompson.

Sometimes though, I can’t help wondering of consumer psychologists don’t get a little too carried away with the idea. This is a prime example of maybe a case where an alternative approach might have worked better.  Sanifair set out to improve the customer experience in public washrooms – they succeeded, to be fair, but perhaps this current commercial is trying just a little too hard to make a trip to the urinal seem like a holiday in Disneyland.  Judge for yourselves… but do pay attention to what the girl does between washing her hands and collecting her discounted treat.

Motto: never eat an ice cream after picking an elephant up off the toilet floor unless you’ve washed your hands first!