No cheap lunch for me then!

January 13, 2015 by Martha’s Dad

weight-loss-2668680A few years ago, I remember the fuss surrounding the marketing tactics used by the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas which caused a storm by offering free burgers to customers weighing over 350 pounds.  The rationale, I guess, was that the over-weight were more likely to be loyal customers and the grill even used the slogan “A taste worth dying for” to promote the sale of its jumbo burgers.

The promotion that died quickly itself, fortunately, as the owners came under attack for promoting obesity.  Such weird marketing tactics haven’t vanished forever, alas!  It seems the practice continues in Chongquing, China, where the Na Huo restaurant operates such a promotion with a somewhat sexist twist.  For men, the Heart Attack Diet persists as discounts rise in proportion to weight; the bigger you are, the less you pay.  Women, on the other hand, must still diet for their dinner as the reverse policy applies; the bigger you are, the more you pay. How very unfair!  At a loss to quite understand why any establishment would think either the pricing policy or the discrimination was a good marketing tactic!!!

The silliness doesn’t quite end there, though…  In an ever odder variation on a well-tried theme, it now seems that beauty can also get you a free lunch (or dinner).  An establishment in Zhengzhou now takes photos of every customer entering the restaurant, mails them to plastic surgeons down the street (I joke not, honest!) and then gives free meals to the fifty customers deemed to be the most attractive….  Oh dear, why not just offer buy-one-get-one-free or have a Happy Hour like anyone else?!?

So, what does this mean for me…   Well, I’m male and slightly underweight, so no discounts for me in either Vegas or Chongquing, and no way will I be in the Top 50 prettiest diners in Zhengzhou unless there are only 49 customers all day…  Oh well, after all that, I’m off to The Codfather now for some fish and chips!!!