My top fitness tip for 2015 – switch your phone off!

December 31, 2014 by Martha’s Dad

i8wcbmbk-1588350Flicking through the newspapers or scanning favourite blogs is quite predictable this time of year.  Half the articles are encouraging us to take exercise, lose wight or quit smoking, while the rest waffle on about lunar advertising and the rise of the smart bra (both true, promise!) in an attempt to predict the “Top Tech Trends” of the coming year.  To me, both forms of content are somewhat dull and smack of “easy copy”.

One post that spans both the fitness and the technology angles is worth a read, however, and can be found on the Telegraph site. Lisa Luxx explores the “always on” society and its rather unhealthy downside, with fascinating facts to support her argument that we really must learn to (literally) switch off more.  Did you know, for instance, that the average female student spends ten hours per day on her smartphone?!?  You may win a pub quiz knowing that little factoid one day soon.

As Daimler introduce the auto-delete requirement as part of their email out-of-office policy and an increasing number of London streets become “no cellphone” zones, there seems to be a growing awareness that constantly being online isn’t always a good thing and I really do hope Lisa’s prediction that the aptly-named “digital detox” will be the fastest-growing health and technology-related trend over the coming twelve months.

So here it is, Mike’s top fitness tip to start the New Year on a saner and healthier footing…  Every five days, I want you to switch your smartphone, tablet and laptop off for forty-eight hours.  The world won’t end if you don’t check your email or you miss checking into Facebook to see what else Aunt Jane’s cat has found to do with four Lego bricks and an old Ford Cortina.

Ok, yo’ve caught me out… My top health tip isn’t a new one at all…  In the old days, we used to call this regular digital detox simply having “a weekend”