Twitter in a snowstorm for #BYOD4L

January 13, 2015 by Mike

byod4l-9648834A double-first for me tonight – co-moderating a Twitter Chat and with a snowstorm raging outside the window.  Warm coffee and great chat, with a huge debt of gratitude to my #BYOD4Lchat co-moderators Sam Illingworth, Sheila MacNeill and Neil Withnell.  The occasion?  The open online learning experience that is Bring Your Own Device for Learning (BYOD4L).

BYOD4L is an amazing collaborative event for academics and students alike.  A chance to share experiences, in and outside the classroom, and to make new friends in the process.  The theme this evening was how devices can be used for communications in a learning and teaching context.  Lost count of the number of participants, but the conversation was brilliant and enlightening – certainly given me ideas to take forward, as well as issues to reflect on.

It was an interesting experience… Wasn’t sure what to expect or how I would cope with the mass information flow.  For anyone thinking of doing this, my advice us plan ahead!  I needed a simple app to pull in all the hashtags and to automatically add them to responses to speed up the process, so I went for Twubs and it worked really well (especially like the ability to control the speed tweets enter the stream for ease of viewing!).  Took me ten minutes to realise having the Twitter page open too was a good idea as using Twubs alongside its notifications allowed me to spot replies back to me.  Chrome browser was a must here – each open in a separate tab, the tabs themselves making it possible to instantly see a reply coming in from a participant (or a direct message sent privately from a co-moderator).

All in all, a rewarding experience and a stiff learning curve too.  Definitely inspired to use this in the classroom and totally astonished at my own ability to multitask.  As I say, though, my top tip is to plan ahead!  Roll on Thursday evening and my second chat of the week…