Green Coke with….MORE sugar?!? | The Time Traveller’s Dog on

coca-cola-life-4515040Now here is an interesting one…  Following a successful pilot in Argentina in late 2013, Coca Cola this week announced that Coke Life is to be released throughout Europe.  As a product, it’s kind of difficult to figure out quite who this particular variant is aimed at.  It has less sugar than the standard product, that’s true, but surely those seeking this attribute would buy Diet Coke or Coke Zero?  Apparently not!

The company say that the latest variant is intended to occupy the “middle ground”, with less sugar than the standard variety but still more than Diet Coke. Mmmnnn… still don’t quite see why anybody would want that… you either want the regular product or one with less/no sugar, surely?  Be fascinating to see whether sales live up to expectations.  Yes it has less sugar then regular Coke…but it still has four teaspoons of sugar in a standard can, around 25% of a child’s recommended daily intake, so it’s hardly a “healthy option”!  Wonder if consumers will pick up on this, or  maybe they’ll assume it’s healthier than it really is  given it’s in a green can and the name is only one letter different to Coke Lite!  Sure that’s a coincidence though….