Ah, the World Cup again – shall I opt out this time? | The Time Traveller’s Dog on

worldcup-1893184The World Cup is fast approaching and for those of us less-than-enthusiastic about the “beautiful game”, but who will doubtless get drawn in, I find myself beginning to look for more interesting aspects of the event than just 22 men kicking a ball around.  Marketing, of course, is pivotal to everything and there will  almost certainly be some fascinating elements of the World Cup to keep us consumer psychologists amused for a while.

This week, one piece on the World Cup caught my attention in Marketing Week, which reports on the launch of what will be the most expensive marketing and media campaign Adidas has ever undertaken.  This is the latest shot in the Adidas-Nike war, of course, and their battle to become the sportswear company most closely associated with major sporting events.  It’s got off to an impressive start for Adidas, with a truly star-studded commercial premiering on television during the climax of the European Championships, but it’s the social media dimension that is perhaps more interesting this time and I sense that, rather as happened during the Olympic Games, this will be the most online World Cup to date.

The cornerstone of this online element is the above YouTube distribution of the commercial, which ends with an opportunity to “opt in” or “opt out” in terms of access to Adidas-sponsored World Cup content.  This very much attunes to the overall campaign theme of “all in or nothing”.  I’ll be watching this with great interest, not least because I am currently researching the “opt in/out” decision in an m-commerce with colleagues.  If our work with smartphone users is anything to go by, the quality of the information those who opt in gain access to will be crucial.  It’s the perceived value to the consumer that is absolutely crucial here, so it will be the old adage “content is king” that ultimately determines the campaign’s success or failure for Adidas.  I’m tempted to opt in myself to see what’s on offer…. well, almost!