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news-9868066Soap operas historically occupy the most expensive slot on TV when it comes to the sale of advertising, mass audiences commanding hefty fees to secure a slot for a ‘prime time’ commercial.   The canny advertising agency should, however, give far greater consideration to a less expensive option…

According to research undertaken by MediaScience, Television news content is information rich, demanding high levels of audience attention and amplifying the brain’s analytical and critical thinking activities.  These programmes therefore not only deliver large audiences, they also prime consumer decision-making.   The research suggests that this heightened level of cognitive functioning fosters an evaluative mindset that carries over into the commercial break, increasing the likelihood that consumers may reach a decision and follow through to a purchase.

How strong is this cognitive priming effect?  Well, compared to a control group, viewers in this study were 52% more likely to reach a decision during a news broadcast, 30% more likely to buy a product advertised during that slot, and 25% more prone to adding items to a shopping list.

More broadly, while watching the news, we process information 20% faster than during other TV shows and evaluate data with 10% greater accuracy.  So, not only are we more likely to buy a product we’ve seen during the commercial break, chances are we will make a much better decision too!