What’s in a name? | The Time Traveller’s Dog on

k9small-3318143For a first post, I guess I  should at least attempt to explain the name of this blog. Those who know me may perhaps believe the rather unusual name is derived from the mobile computer in my all-time favourite television programme, Doctor Who.  Others  may think the name is in some way in honour of my border collie Martha, pictured in the header looking cute as ever.

Both are partly true, I guess, but they aren’t the main reason.  The name is mainly a nod to a famous thought experiment in philosophy, beautifully summarised by Kristie Miller over on the Psychology Today blog.  The experiment concerns a six-year-old boy whose dog mysteriously disappears from the back yard, an event which motivates the boy to become a renowned physicist purely so he can invent a time machine to return to the past and save his dog – a paradox waiting to happen, but I won’t spoil the ending for you!

So there we go… I’m a psychologist, I have a dog and I’m an anorak when it comes to a classic TV serious about travelling in time.  Obvious name for a blog on consumer behaviour then, really…

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