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Hi, i’m Mike Nicholson, welcome to my blog…

I’m Director of the Centre for Global Learning & Executive Education at Durham Business School in the UK, responsible for off-campus programmes such as the Global MBA as well as the School’s portfolio of Executive Education programmes.

Academically, my interests lie in behavioural economics, decision making and crisis management, and I have a particular fascination for decision making under conditions of extreme uncertainty.  I’m also interested in marketing or, more specifically, the growing extent to which I believe behavioural economics represents the “new” marketing paradigm – basically, I think we should throw away Kotler and read Ariely instead!

In terms of teaching, among the MBA courses I deliver are Improving Management Decision Making and Crisis Management.  I also deliver Executive Education workshops in both these areas.  Consultancy-wise, I’ve worked with organisations such as the NHS and the fashion retailer Next, advising on topics such as public health promotion, channel management and consumer decision-making.  I also work with clients in the broad area of training and development, with a growing emphasis on the role of social media in these domains.

Why this blog?  Well, it’s primarily aimed at my students in Durham and intended to be a rolling (if at times eclectic!) source of additional material.  Hopefully, though, there’ll be something of interest here for anyone intrigued by the frailties of human decision making or who has ever stopped to wonder Why on earth did they do that?!?