The Milk Tray “New Man”?

October 11, 2015 by Martha’s Dad

41xouedtbol-2651035Good news, he will soon be back!  That familiar figure of 70s and 80s television, last seen thirteen years ago, he was the black-clad Bond-like hero, battling adversity to deliver a box of chocolates to the unseen (and often sleeping!) woman, leaving only his anonymous calling card as a clue to his identity.  Yes folks, the search is on for the new “Milk Tray Man”!  About time too.

I love a bit of nostalgia, particularly in television advertising, and part of me can’t help but hope that this £4m campaign to revive a past cult hero is more successful than the recent attempt by Cadbury to bring back the “Flake Girl”.  Launched on Saturday evening, this is an ambitious social media campaign, timed to celebrate the brand’s centenary, in which you could be cast in this much-coveted role – and all because, apparently, the lady (still) loves Milk Tray.

Ah, but wait… all is not quite as it would first appear!  Among the qualities sought in the Milk Tray Man’s new incarnation are thoughtfulness and resilience, not just strength and mere determination.  Sounds a little “new man” to me, rather than Milk Tray Man!  But I will reserve judgment… as with the casting of a new Doctor Who, much will depend upon the role incumbent and the degree of his own personality he injects into the part in order to make it his own.

And so to the burning question… am I tempted to apply for this coveted role?  Sadly, I think the days have long gone when I had the energy and inclination to ski down mountains, fight crocodiles and motorcycle through hoops of fire just to deliver a box of chocolates to a woman who couldn’t be bothered to stay awake and await my arrival anyway!  Besides, given my recent post on advertising stereotypes, isn’t it time we had a “Milk Tray Girl” instead?  Yes, quite like that idea…  Perhaps my weather-forecasting heroine, Lucy Verasamy, could use her inside-knowedge to battle the elements and deliver a box of Black Magic to me instead?  Promise I’d stay awake and wait, Lucy!

Ok, I admit that’s very very unlikely… In the meantime, as I write this with my mug of drinking chocolate, I can only hope instead that when I fly to the US for a conference next month, I get upgraded and find this little Cadbury vision of Business Class travel has finally come true…