Nagged by a designer t-shirt?!?

August 23, 2015 by Martha’s Dad

exacc-8518568Seems there’s no end to the ingenious ways marketers and product designers can come up with to monitor our health.  We’ve got bracelets that flash in time to our calorie burning, smartphones that tell me how many steps I walk to the designated smoking area and watches that keep track of our heart rate, respiration and goodness-knows-what.  In the past week, I’ve even seen a FitBit being worn by a border collie!  Now it seems even designer clothing is set to start giving us fitness advice.

On 27th August, Ralph Lauren launch the apparently long-awaited (by whom?!?) PoloTech sweatshirt, with massive advertising spend devoted to convincing us that we simply must look after ourselves while also looking good.  Priced at around £200, this snazzy piece of fitness attire boasts a series of sensors woven into the fabric that monitor a range of fitness metrics, all routed to some form of biometric data app.  Looks very good, as we’d expect from a brand such as Ralph Lauren, but do we really need this innovation?  Interestingly, it’s only iOS compatible at the moment, which probably tells us a lot about the intended market segment.

I just hope the waterproof sensors are also perspiration-resistent!  Much as I quite like Ralph Lauren attire, think I might just give this one a miss, presuming they do the sweatshirt in small sizes anyway. I’ve no intention of ever touching the fitness apps on my Apple Watch, so the last thing I want is my clothes getting in on the act too.  Now, a baseball cap that contained a GPS system capable of directing me to the nearest source of red wine is something I just might consider… any budding entrepreneurs fancy taking that business idea onto a future Dragons’ Den?