Coffee, doughnuts and… a white hood?!?

February 21, 2015 by Martha’s Dad

krispy-kreme-facebook-8398516We all have our guilty pleasures and I openly admit that mine is coffee and doughnuts.  Krispy Kreme doughnuts, actually.  Butterscotch flavour if we’re going to be really precise.  Perfect way to break up a busy morning!  Customers in Hull, however, were left somewhat baffled by the world media attention being paid to one of the US giant’s smaller stores when it made an unwitting gaffe in planning its many half-term promotions.

“Funday Monday” was ok… and it seems kids really enjoyed their own artistic endeavours on “Colouring Tuesday”… but things went rapidly downhill midweek with the launch of the “Krispy Kreme Klub”  Nothing wrong with the idea of inviting parents to bring their children along to decorate their own doughnuts, but calling the event “KKK Wednesday” wasn’t the smartest move the marketers could have made…!

And if you’re having one of those “What were they thinking of?” moments, try not to judge them too harshly.  Check out these other examples of when marketers get it all horribly wrong, often unintentionally it has to be said.  I mean, nobody would knowingly launch a brand of bottled water called “drug dealer”, for instance –  would they?!?