The power of celebrity in China | The Time Traveller’s Dog on

celebs-4781406We have long known that celebrity endorsement can enhance the value of a brand, but a new report from Euromonitor suggests that the effect has never been stronger despite the supposedly more cynical world we now inhabit.  In Brazil, musicians are seen as the main trend-setters, a quarter of the population admitting that what a favourite star uses or recommends impacts upon their purchasing across a range of categories, from clothing and food products to automobiles and even cosmetic surgery.

Most interestingly, China has now overtaken all other countries in the social influence stakes, 29% of the population reporting that celebrities actively influence their buying decisions even where no specific formal endorsement is taking place.  Chinese consumers are influenced across income levels and age groups, too, suggesting a far more ubiquitous level of effect.

And what of the UK?  Well, the figure here has dropped to just 5%, bucking the global trend.  That could just be an increased reluctance to admit to being influenced by celebrities, or course, rather than a real decline.  Time will tell!

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